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Mark McNulty

Date: 13/07/2020

In early January of this year I received the very sad news that Meyer Du Toit would be leaving San Lameer and this would mean he would be tendering his resignation as one of my Directors of The Mark McNulty Junior Golf Foundation.  

Very shortly there after I got the news and was quite obviously extremely happy to hear that Meyer was moving on to be Branden Grace’s right hand man on the Worlds Golf Tours.

As far as that job is concerned I can only wish Meyer & Vickey the very very best and hope his energy and passion for Golf helps Branden’s life on Tour easy, along with helping Branden get those great results that every Professional Golfer strives for.

On behalf of myself and my Directors Robbie Robinson and Banus Van de Walt we would really like to thank Meyer and his wife Vickey for their immense work and help in making the Junior Foundation run so well during their time here at San Lameer.

Shortly before Meyers departure the board at San Lameer rigorously tendered for a replacement for Meyers vacancy and after whittling the applications down to five the board announced the Mr Pierre Van Vuuren would be taking over the reigns as San Lameer Club and Golf Manager.

Pierre was welcomed to the club in March shortly before the lockdown was announced and I have been privy and fortunate to have had some down to earth discussions with Pierre regarding his thoughts and forward thinking for us all at San Lameer.

With that said it did not take me long to come to the conclusion that Pierre would be a wonderful asset to our Junior Foundation and he gladly accepted my request to replace Meyer as one of my Directors.

So a very big welcome to my Junior Foundation Pierre and may you, your wife Xenia and young son Joshua enjoy your time on the South Coast and in particular your life and times in our ‘Paradise’ here at San Lameer.

In closing may I wish you all good, safe Golfing and as soon as I have some news regarding this years staging of various Junior Compertitions at San Lameer I will let you know soonest.




Stay Safe play your part and please keep good social distance 

My very best regards
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