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Mark McNulty

Date: 11/07/2020

A lot has happened in our World these past months, with the Covid 19 Virus disrupting us all no end, it is this subject that I would like to touch on first, so please bear with me.

Our love for Golf has unfortunately taken a big knock since the Lockdown was announced but as we slowly get back to playing and being closer to friends and family whom we play with IĀ  cannot say enough regarding you all staying safe and practicing good social distancing on and around our Golf Courses.

It has certainly been proven that washing your hands on a regular basis helps tremendously in limiting the spread of the Virus.

So with that said may I ask all Parents and Kids to please, please practice this (it might seem tedious) action all the time until we are out the woods with MR Covid 19.

Stay Safe play your part and please keep good social distanceĀ 

My very best regards
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